“The Regulation and Discipline of Physicians in Missouri”  (April 19, 2011)
Edward V. Crites, Journal of the Missouri Bar

 “Divorce lawyers at risk for legal malpractice claims”  (October 13, 2009)
Thomas J. Hayek, The Countian

Court Upholds Constitutionality of City of Arnold’s Red Light Camera Ordinance”  (September 2009)
Timothy J. Reichardt, The Missouri Municipal Review

“Municipal Liability for Sewer Backups”  (September 2009)
Timothy J. Reichardt, The Missouri Municipal Review

Crafting a Relationship:  A Mentor and Mentee’s Perspective”   (April 2009)
W. Dudley McCarter and Liz Grana, American Bar Association – Law Practice Today

Contractors hammered by mechanics’ lien filings”   (November 28, 2008)
W. Dudley McCarter, St. Louis Business Journal

“Jury Clears Heart Surgeon of Malpractice After Head On” (September 15, 2008)
Thomas J. Hayek, Missouri Lawyers Weekly

Electronic files are fair game in discovery phase”  (October 12, 2007)
W. Dudley McCarter, St. Louis Business Journal


 The Flag – Summary of Legal Developments
        W. Dudley McCarter, Journal of the Missouri Bar

Missouri Statute Regulating Sexually Oriented Businesses Does Not Unconstitutionally Limit Speech”  (January/February 2012)

Trade Association Had Standing to Challenge Municipal Ordinance”  (November/December 2011)

Expert Testimony Not Required on Matters Within the Realm of Common Experience, Not Involving Technical or Complex Scientific Matters”  (September/October 2011)

A Civil Contempt Order is Appealable” (July/August 2011)

Prevailing Wages Must Be Paid on Public Works Construction Projects”  (May/June 2011)

Comparative Fault Rule Applies to Claims of Economic Loss Caused By Professional Negligence”  (March/April 2011)

Sewer Connection Fee Ordinance Was Not an Unconstitutional Special Law”  (January/February 2011)

In Personal Injury Action, Evidence May Be Presented on the Value of Medical Treatment Received”  (November/December 2010)

Cross-Examination is Permitted on Issues Relevant to the Witness’s Veracity Regardless of Whether the Subject of the Falsehood is Material”  (September/October 2010)

Intentional Non-Disclosure by Juror Required New Trial; Litigants Must Use Reasonable Efforts to Perform a Case.Net Search on Jurors Prior to Commencement of Trial”  (May/June 2010)

Comparative Fault Instruction Requires Evidentiary Support” (July/August 2010)

Wrongful Discharge Cause of Action, In Violation of Public Policy, Applies to Both At-Will Employees and Contract Employees”   (March/April 2010)

“Will Filed More Than a Year After Death of Decedent Should Not Be Admitted to Probate”  (January/February 2010) 

“Under Workers’ Compensation Law, the Party Asserting the Existence of Statutory Employee Status Bears the Burden of Proving That Injured Person Was a Statutory Employee”   (November/December 2009) 

In Personal Injury Action, Evidence May Be Presented on the Value of Medical Treatment Received to Rebut Presumption That Medical Expenses Are Limited to the Amount Actually Paid” (October 2009)

“Voluntary Payment Doctrine is Not a Defense to Class-Action Lawsuit Under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act”   (September/October 2009) 

“Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety Law is Not Unconstitutional as a Retrospective Law”   (July/August 2009)

“A Parent Convicted of Child Molestation Has No Vested Right to Unsupervised Visitation”   (May/June 2009)

“Class Action Waiver in Loan Contract Was Unconscionable”   (March/April 2009) 

“Sexual Harassment of Employee By a Company Supervisor Warranted Punitive Damages Against the Company”   (January/February 2009)


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