Alternative Dispute Resolution / Mediation / Arbitration

It is generally accepted in the legal community that close to 90% of all civil litigation matters end without a trial! That means that 90% simply “go away”, are settled with or without the help of a judge or mediator, or are resolved through binding arbitration.

Many of the cases we handle are resolved through mediation and arbitration, where one of our attorneys represents our client before a mediator or arbitrator. In fact, many of our clients have signed agreements that require mediation or arbitration rather than litigation.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a mediator or arbitrator, three of our attorneys have had extensive training and have served as the mediator or arbitrator in over 300 civil matters for non-clients (many in the areas of construction law, medical and legal malpractice, business disputes, employment discrimination and personal injury).

If you or your client is in need of a mediator or arbitrator, please contact Anthony R. Behr, W. Dudley McCarter, Gerard F. Hempstead, or Edward V. Crites.


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